our journey started in Gaziantep in 1969 by Mehmet Kılınç; It has come to this day by introducing Antep cuisine in different provinces.
The protected flavors of Antep were brought to Denizli by Mehmet Kılınç, who came to Denizli in the autumn of 1998; With the people of Denizli witnessing these unique flavors, its recognition and place became indispensable.
In 2011, with the touch of his sons Mahmut and İbrahim Kılınç, it was constantly renewed and managed to attract all the attention both visually and in taste. Not only with its magnificent food; Miske's distinctive stance, the warm atmosphere of the place and the ambiance it creates with the value it gives to its customers, revealed the difference of Miske.
Miske Restaurant, which presents the local flavors of Antep to its guests in the most special and freshest way; With its wide menu and friendly staff, it always aims for the best quality for you.